London - Palma de Mallorca flight + Peugeot 106: 6 days, 67 GBP

General Information About tour

People rate highly its old churches, Jungle Park and coastseeing. There are also great restaurants with local as well as international cousine.




During the day it is hard to explore the island on local buses and taxis can be very expensive. New




Luckily, recently Ryanair started to offer not only super cheap flights, but also car rentals. It's hard to believe, but for some dates and cities in Europe it can be as low as not even 2 GBP per day. This way You can travel Mallorca by car for 5 days for just about 11 GBP.








Offer is valid for dates such as 1 – 6 march and more. The only thing You need to do is book and pay throught the website.








Flight with Ryanair is as low as 56 GBP both ways so the whole offer is just 67 GBP for 6 days of exploring the island. You can book it here.

pictures source: Instagram