7-night stay at high recommended hostel and flights from to Funchal for only 174 GBP! [flights for 55 GBP]

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Spring break in Portugal from Birmingham! Only 174 GBP per person! Rent a car for only 28 GBP per day!

Madeira is called the island of endless Spring. It’s not surprising as this Portuguese island is green and full of blooming flowers all the time. And even it’s not a beach destination (the shore is all rock and cliffs) it’s a great choice for holidays. It’s a dream destination for hiking lovers (it’s definitely mountainous Island) and excellent culinary destination (the exotic fruits, fishes, local espetada and great Poncha to drink). Take a car and admire picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes!


If you want to explore the island by car we offer you a renting for 28 GBP per day!

Book 29 Madeira Hostel by Petit Hostels for 119 GBP per person!

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Offer valid for the day: 2018-04-25

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