Fuerteventura from Edinburgh at the end of April-May for only 149 GBP! [flights for 58 GBP]

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Holidays in Fuerteventura for only 149 GBP! Flights from Edinburgh.

One of the Spain’s Canary Islands sitting in the Atlantic Ocean 100 km off the African coast. Still remains unspoilt and tranquil but its popularity is growing every season so maybe it’s the last chance to visit this spectacular place before it will be a spot of mass-tourism. Its beaches are beloved by surfers from all over the world. The Caribbean-like beaches of Fuerteventura make the perfect holiday destination for a beach lover.

OUR TIP: There is easy to get to other Canarian islands – Lanzarote and Isla de Lobos. So it’s the best chance to spend there a days or two and check what these islands have in offer.


Only 91 GBP per person for Surfers Paradise!

Source of pictures: www.beach-inspector.com, www.themediterraneantraveller.com, www.keadventure.com

Offer valid for the day: 2018-04-15

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