Get some sun! London to Ibiza for 30 GBP!

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Sun, palm trees, parties that last whole days and nights, warm sand at the beach... yes! It's Ibiza!

Ibiza, Balearic island, has always been known for its huge parties and loud music, beautiful beaches and warm days. But one can visit Ibiza not only for wild parties, because the island is full of other atractions. Someone interested in history will feel there really great! There can be found museums of archeology, beautiful Old Town, art museums and even Phoenician necropolis! It is also good place to try spanish cuisine, for example famous and delicious paella! Come and try!




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Offer valid for the day: 2018-03-08

Ibiza from Manchester for 111 GBP in April! [flights for 36 GBP]

From 111 person

The best party island in Spain, Ibiza! Only 111 GBP for 5 night-stay!

Cancún International Airport

Vacation last minute! Cancun from London for 476 GBP! [flights for 245 GBP]

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Totally LAST MINUTE! Two weeks in Cancun for 353 GBP!


Bilbao from London in March for 47 GBP!

From 47 person

5 days in Bilbao! Flights for 40 GBP (EasyJet) from London Stansted.


Flights and B&B in beautiful Girona for £121! (4 days in May)

From £47 person

One of the most beautiful medieval architectures now is in a grasp of your hand. Come to Girona in May!