June city-break in Genoa, possibility of sleeping on a boat!

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Have you ever tried sleeping on a boat in beautiful Italian city? Get your chance now and visit Genoa!

Genoa, the capital city of Italian region, Liguria. It is also the sixth largest city in the country. Over centuries the city has been known for its huge role in maritime trade. The city is full of colours and ancient architecture and it makes it the perfect place for history lovers. Not to mention famous Italian cuisine for food fanatics. Check out this blog posts to get more inspirations on which Genoa's museums to visit and which restaurants to eat it:

1) https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/48-hours-in/48-hours-in-genoa-8526221.html

2) https://www.timeout.com/london/travel/ten-great-things-to-do-in-genoa

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Images sources: suitcasemag.com, thetravelmagazine.net, getyourguide.com, massdents.info


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