Meet new culture! Iran from London Gatwick for 251 GBP! [flights for 74 GBP]

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Go to Iran! To place that still has a magic of old times. Only 251 GBP for a full package!


Set out on a journey to Iran!

This country will fascinate you! In every step you will meet people selfless, kind and always ready to help you. Stunning architecture, oriental spirit, spectacular views! All in package here in Iran.

If you decide to visit this place start your journey in Tehran the capital and the largest city in Iran. The oriental architecture will surprise you but on the other hand there is no better place to feel the spirit of former Persia.

Persepolis – an ancient capital of the kings of the Achaemenian dynasty of Iran. One of the most popular touristic place in Iran. The richest city on earth in past and the best example of old, Persian architecture.

Badab-e Surt – colorful terraces located in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. Not very famous in tourist guides but absolutely breathtaking.

Maranjab Desert – visit in Iran without a trip to Maranjab Deseret is not full! It’s one of the most beautiful desert areas of Iran. Going there is worth to see nearby Namak Salt Lake as well.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square - is a square situated at the center of Isfahan city. On the south side there is Shah Mosque, one of the most magnificent in Iran. In the past is was popular meeting point, now is obligatory place for every tourist.

Iran has so much more to show and if you’ll go there once you want to back there again!


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