One day in Belfast from London! Only 42 GBP! [flights for 28 GBP]

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Great museum of Titanic in Belfast for a short trip from London! Only 42 GBP!

Trip to Belfast is the best Chance to visit spectacular the museum of Titanic. Opened in 2012 became the most popular icon of Belfast. It’s the world’s largest place of Titanic’s history. The ticket costs 18,5 GBP for an adult and 15 GBP for a ticket with student discount. Spend a day in this interactive museum, it’s a great place for one day trip to Belfast. So  follow our links and feel the spirit of Belfast!


Belfast International Youth Hostel for 14 GBP!


Offer valid for the day: 2018-04-30

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Less than 142 GBP for a trip to Eindhoven from Manchester! [flights for 39 GBP]

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