Return flight from London to Germany in April. 9 GBP

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Germany is voted one of the nicest places to live in Europe with great organization, amazing culture and central location. Now you can visit one of its most beautiful cities for just 9 GBP.



Bremen is city in Western Germany inhabited by over 500 000 people. You will find here a stunning cathedral, 15th century statue of the knight and Universum Science Centre with futuristic architecture and amazing exhibitions on cosmos. Bremen is perfect gateway to other European cities, so with this offer You can easily plan Your great trip through various countries.It lies less than 200 km from Netherlands and Denmark, close to other big German cities such as Hamburg, Hanover and Dortmund. From here You can travel to other destinations by flight or choose to explore German railways.


Many available dates for 9-10 GBP lets You choose Your trip flexibly – You can plan a short weekend or a whole week.


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Offer valid for the day: 2018-02-19

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