See Reykjavik with Wizzair for just 36-41 GBP

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Iceland is one of the most mysterious Scandinavian countries. For years, it wasn't easy to get there. Now You can see its capitol with flight for just 36 GBP.





Iceland is famous for its volcanoes, Bjork and fascinating nature. It is a perfect place for anybody who want to try something new and enjoy more secluded parts of the world. If Scandinavian design and culture is something You like, Iceland is a must-see.

The offer is from popular low-cost airline Wizzair. It lets You travel in May on dates such as 21 – 25 May and many others. The flight takes just 3 hours in which You can get to this secluded Scandinavian paradise!


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Offer valid for the day: 2018-02-28
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