September in Dubai? Why not! Flights + hotel for 345 GBP (from London).

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Great opportunity to visit Dubai in September. For the flights and hotel you'll pay only 345 GBP per traveller.

If you want to see a world from a top, go to Dubai. You’ll find there one of the highest tower (and for sure one of the most interesting city views) Burj Khalifa. It will be hard to forget this view! If you want to make some shopping, reserve one day  for The Dubai Mall – over 1200 shops in one place? It’s possible only in Dubai! If you’re architecture’s fan you will appreciate a man-made  island – Palm Jumeirah. Here you will find the most expensive hotels in Dubai. It’s hard to catch here ancient monuments or historical details but Dubai is excellent place to eat, drink, enjoy your time on the beach and just have fun!


Book Prime Hotel for 163 GBP (double room):

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Offer valid for the day: 2018-03-07

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Boston, USA

The Best USA offer of the year: 247 GBP from London

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Warm trip to Cyprus from London for £73!

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Palma de Mallorca

Majorca from Bristol for only 125 GBP! [flights for 53 GBP]

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