The Best USA offer of the year: 247 GBP from London

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Since airlines started to offer cheap USA flights, it is easier than ever to visit New York, California or Washington. This year the best offers will be in winter season starting in October.



Winter in biggest US cities is spectacular. Bright Christmas illuminations make this time of the year so much more interesting than average day during another month. Sparkling snow and Christmas trees let You fell exactly like in famous American Christmas movies such as Home Alone or Groundhog Day.

Boston is one of the oldest American cities with history dating back as far as 1630.




Primera Air Scandinavia and Norwegian lets You travel to Boston for just 247 GBP both ways. This offer is available on selected dates in October, November and December, letting You experience typical American Halloween and/or Christmas. Check out available dates here.

Offer valid for the day: 2018-02-19

Oslo from London for 64 GBP! [flights for 22 GBP]

From 64 person

Scandinavia for two nights from London! Only 64 GBP!

Amsterdam Schiphol

City break in Amsterdam for 94 GBP! Flights from London. [flights for 38 GBP]

From 94 person

The city where there are more bicycles than inhabitants - Amsterdam! Trip in June for 94 GBP!


Head to Spain! London-Bilbao for 52 GBP! [flights for 33 GBP]

From 52 person

Spend 3 days in Bilbao, Biscay pearl! Only 52 GBP!

New York City JFK

NYC from London in May for 562 GBP (flights+hotel)!

From 562 person

Go to the capital of the world - NYC for 562 GBP from London.