Visit Switzerland this month! London-Geneva for 170 GBP! [flights for 53 GBP]

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The city of banking and diplomacy - Geneva! London-Geneva for 170 GBP!

The city surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains with strong French influence became the most popular Swiss city, even more popular than the capital of Switzerland. The global hub of banking and diplomacy. But Geneva is a good idea not only for businessmen but also for the tourists looking for interesting city and for nature lover. To visit Geneva Lake (or rather Lac Léman) is a must! It’s a tip that you’ll find probably in every guide but trust us, this time it’s a good recommendation. To continue the trip according to the nature spots you should visit Geneva’s botanical garden and Parc de la Grange (the largest of Geneva’s city parks). There are plenty of great museums in Geneva like Museum of Far Eastern Art, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum or International Museum of the Reformation so choose the best for you. And it shouldn't be surprising to mention about fondue when it comes to the Geneva’s cuisine – trip to Geneva it’s the best chance to taste this delicacy!


Hotel: City Hostel Geneva for 233 GBP per twin room!


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Stockholm Skavsta

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Boston, USA

The Best USA offer of the year: 247 GBP from London

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