Week in Bologna! Flights for £38!

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Indulge yourself with tastefull week in Bologna, Italy! 

When you hear "Bologna", what pops out in your mind? For sure it is delicious and world-wide popular spaghetti bolognese! That, at least, should be the reason why you need to visit Bologna - to taste real and true bolognese sauce. Where to eat? At the Piazza Maggiore, place full of restaurants and coffee houses, you can't miss that!

What else? Of course, architecture. Whole city from above looks like it's all red - just like the famous sauce! 

And did you know that not only Pisa has its own leaning tower? Yes, you will find it in Bologna too! Even two of them! 

But of course you don't have to stay whole seven days in Bologna itself! You should visit Parma - it's only one hour away by train and you will find there the kingdom of the original Parma Ham - devine Prosciutto ♥

And that's only one of the possibilities! Check out those blogs for more inspirations: 

1. https://www.tastebologna.net/blog

2. https://www.travlinmad.com/blog/first-timers-guide-to-bologna-italy


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Images sources: leafly.com, selleitalia.com, flixbus.com, tripadvisor.it, goodtoknow.co.uk

Offer valid for the day: 2018-02-26

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